No Run Intended

So, you may have noticed that I’ve been a little bit quiet over on Blossom and I and that’s because I have! I’ve been far too busy becoming a bestselling author to even consider writing a blog on how motherhood is treating me, despite motherhood continuing to be a bloody wonderful rollercoaster ride.

Now, if you’re a little baffled by my previous statement (the one before the amazeballs motherhood gushing) let me explain; I am now a bestselling author! OK, I’m only a bestselling author in the running and jogging genre of E books on Amazon but bloody hell I’m a bestseller nevertheless.

And I will not be using the word only to say that I’ve sold over one thousand books because there’s no bloody only needed! One thousand books! Can you believe it?

I keep telling B that mammy is now an international superstar, given that I’ve sold six books to America, two in Australia, one in Germany and two in the land of Michal Buble! She’s so impressed by my efforts she keeps telling me to sssshhh, with the finger over her lip gesture, which blatantly proves how proud of her mother she is.

But don’t worry; since my status has dramatically changed to global superstar, life in general hasn’t really changed. I do now have half a sugar in my tea and spend every morning neurotically refreshing my Amazon sales page but apart from that…

Anyway, if you’ve missed the party, No Run Intended was released a mere three weeks and three days ago and steam rollered into the bestselling position on Amazon. Women’s Running did a lovely little piece on it and the beautiful community that is Run Mummy Run got right behind it which has ensured its stayed at number one, has over sixty five star reviews and made nearly three hundred quid for Bliss. (Because my efforts to publish and sell the book is to solely raise my sponsorship pledge for a place in next year’s London marathon. One thousand down, seven thousand to go!)

So, life has been pretty damn busy not to mention bloody crazy! The emails, messages and general support I’ve received has been absolutely outstanding not to mention a little overwhelming. I mean, I’ve actually put a little bit of my heart and soul out there, its right there for everyone to read and people are actually reading it…and enjoying it!

That’s all kinds of crazy!

So, I suppose the intention of this quick, scribbled post is to say thank you! Thank you to anyone who’s read it, reviewed it and in general made a fuss of the achievement.

Thank you, as always, to Scotty boy who’s had to put up with the creative neurotics and tantrums and an even bigger thank you to B who I hope won’t be too embarrassed by her mother’s full on honesty and who reminds me, every time, my head swells a little bit that, it really is irrelevant.


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